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Have you ever accidentally lost an important file or ran out of space on your hard drive? Never worry about going through those hassles again with Polar Backup Cloud Storage. A complete backup solution to protect your data, Polar Backup utilizes state-of-the-art AWS technology, GDPR-compliance, and generous cloud storage to provide you smooth storage and backup runs. Intuitive and user-friendly, this platform gives you full control of your data, letting you easily manage, sort, locate, and preview files with just a click. Polar Backup provides faster service times and backups with technology such as deduplication, block-level uploads so you're sure that you always have your files within reach.

Smoothly store & back up important files and data
Use duplication & redundancy to ensure that your data is always available on demand
Have full control of your data & easily manage them w/ just a click
Store your data from laptops, PCs & Mac devices
Protect your data w/ 256-Bit AES encryption

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