Events & Deals

Events & Deals is home to the best offers on CreativJoy. Products and services are often discounted which present great value for money. Each deal or event is only available for a limited time or until sold out.

How Events & Deals work
All Deals & Events need to meet criteria. As a general rule, a deal needs to have a minimum 10% discount from a regular price.
Marketers can post a deal.
Some Deals or Events are curated by CreativJoy based on user interests and trends.
How to Post a Deal
Marketers can post a deal by clicking on the 'Post Deal' at the second level menu at the Deals page.
Selling? Get your products or services listed on Events & Deals. It can help you:
  • Generate opportunities for more sales
  • Boost your brand visibility
  • Increase your item’s exposure
  • Showcase your products
  • All deals are also promoted in regular product listing and job listing pages.

Please note for deals or events curated by CreativJoy, changes may occur to our criteria and submission does not guarantee inclusion in Deals & Events. We reserve the right to include or remove your listing from Events & Deals at our discretion.

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