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‎Fuel Map Australia on the App Store

‎Fuel Map is a crowd-sourced database of petrol stations and fuel prices from all across Australia. All station information is added and edit by users like yourself. You can also add current fuel prices which are then shared with other users of Fuel Map.
Fuel Map sources fuel prices from both FuelWatch and FuelCheck.
FuelWatch provides thousands of fuel prices for WA stations every day. Stations in WA show prices for both today and tomorrow! (Tomorrow's prices available after 2:30pm)
FuelCheck provides up to the minute fuel prices for all stations across NSW.

Locations of petrol stations are shown on the map as a branded pin with the last known fuel price displayed above.

The slide-in site list makes it easy to find the cheapest petrol station near-by in seconds.

Fuel Map also comes with a handy fuel log so you can keep track of your fuel purchases, as well as your vehicle's fuel economy.

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  • Hey, if you are in the hunt for the cheapest fuel, this is an excellent app for you. It shows all the petrol stations and the fuel prices, you can specify a location to have the close by station displayed. Fuel price is getting ridiculously expensive, the app has been working well for me.

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    Rated 4 out of 5 stars
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