Rebooting the Brain

The digital health sector has an increasing number of startups are targeting the brain. One of them is Kernel, a company who is developing advanced neural interfaces to improve, evolve and extend human cognition. Check out the speech from the CEO of Kernal Bryan Johnson. Video source: youtube; Cover image source:...

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Winners in the Smartwatch Market

The smartwatch not only can tell us the time but also it can give you important notifications and allow you to search the internet while you are away from your desk or without a smartphone within reach. There are a lot more features depends on the smartwatch you have. Currently major players...

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Do you really save on Airbnb than booking a hotel room?

Airbnb tries to provide you "Unique homes and experiences all over the world". People from all over the world list their their properties on the platform. Each listing allows hosts to promote properties through titles, descriptions, photos with captions. A profile about your host is included as well as previous guests...

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The Pandemic impact to Airbnb

Airbnb's IPO has now completed. Shares were originally priced from US$45-US$50 per share it went up to US$55-US$60 the day before listing. By the time of the listing, the final price was US$68. Airbnb is a holiday rental marketplace. Users can book homestys and tourism experiences or become a host by...

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Why Netflix could be your best companion in the living room

Netflix is an American entertainment company founded on August, 1997 It specializes in and provides streaming media and video-on-demand online and DVD by mail. In 2013, Netflix expanded into film and television production, as well as online distribution. By July 2017, Netflix had 100+ million subscribers worldwide. Let's have a look...

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Tesla Came Out on Top

Do you drive a Tesla? If you have not heard of Tesla, it is an American automotive and energy company based in California. It is well known of producing electric cars and solar energy. After long time of having negative news in the media, it has finally showed signs of significant...

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What are the Most Popular Smart Phone Systems?

The smartphone market has changed a lot in the last seven years. Back then, BlackBerry was one of the key players, Symbianwas used by Nokia and Samsung was building his own. Fast forward today, the dominating smart phone systems are pretty well known - the Apple's IOS and Google's Android. The...

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Top 5 Smartphone Shipments

Smartphone vendors shipped a total of 358.3 million units during the Q3 2019, an increase of 0.8% compared to the 332.7 million units shipped in Q3 2018. Top 5 vendors are Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi and Oppo. Quarter2018Q12018Q22018Q32018Q42019Q12019Q22019Q3Samsung23.5%21.0%20.3%18.8%23.0%22.9%21.8%Huawei11.8%15.9%14.6%16.2%18.9%17.7%18.6%Apple15.7%12.1%13.2%18.3%11.8%10.2%13.0%Xiaomi8.4%9.5%9.5%6.7%8.9%9.7%9.1%OPPO7.4%8.6%8.4%7.9%7.4%8.9%8.7%

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How Amazon Is Doing in China?

According to iresearch, in 2015, the top 25 Internet Companies in China by Revenue are below. Data Source: Some of the top 25 companies are e-commerce websites. In 2016, Alibaba’s business-to-consumer marketplace Tmall dominated the market with 56.6% share, accounted 24.7% share. Amazon had only 0.8% share. China’s B2C...

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PrestaShop launches its new website

If you are using Prestashop, it has just launched a new website. Prestashop is an open source, free e-commerce shopping cart software. With it, you can build an e-commerce website for free. It has more than 300 hundred built-in features for managing product listing, payments, shipping, manufacturers and suppliers. Prestashop provides...

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Top 10 Earning iPhone Apps in 2018

The highest earning iPhone Apps in 2018 brought in millions of dollars. Video streaming apps did extremely well, occupied 7 out of 10 of those top earning apps with Netflix as the top performer. Dating platform Tinder ranked No.3 which brought in 462.2mil. The one music app on the board is...

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SoundCloud survives but it's bad news for musicians

Audio streaming website SoundCloud has survived its do or die moment. In the face of serious financial trouble, it secured US$169.5m of investment from merchant bank The Raine Group and investment firm Temasek Holdings. As its CEO and co-founder Alexander Ljung said: “SoundCloud is here to stay.” Ljung is not, however....

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Netflix Is Having Rapid Growth During Pandemic

Many businesses have suffered big impact during the COVID-19 global health emergency/economic crisis, movie theaters, cafes, restaurants, and gyms are those business impacted the hardest, it’s hard to imagine that some companies profit from the situation. The COVID-19 pandemic forces many people to stay home for weeks if not months, so...

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How Uber Helps Transform the Taxi Industry in Chicago – a Case Study

According to an Uber case study, Uber’s arrival in Chicago in 2011 changed how people get around the city. For decades, people in Chicago experienced poor taxi services. In the past three years, taxi passengers filed nearly 36,000 complaints, major issues are related to •    reckless driving and rude driver behaviour...

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10 Neurotech Startups on Brain Technologies

What is hot topic today in technology? Human has achieved many in the past, we landed on the moon, created the Internet, and cured many of the most pressing diseases that plagued us. The digital health sector also matures from basic tracking apps and moves into highly regulated medical devices, an...

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Need a Loan Fast?

Fintech (financial technology) comprises a wide range of technologies that are disrupting traditional financial services, including mobile payments, money transfers, loans, fundraising, and asset management. How Fintech is impacting you? If you are starting a business and need fund to operate, you would go to your bank to ask for a...

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Unicorns Born in China Are on the Rise

Unicorns born in China are on the Rise. CBinsight publishes a research brief to show where did those private companies worth more than $1 billion came from. There are 214 unicorn startups, 127 were born in US, 59 from China, 12 from UK, 9 from India and 8 from Germany. Those ones...

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The Top 20 Reasons Startups Fail

If you are running a startup, you would want to know, like many others, why startups fail. The research company CB Insights studied many cases and highlighted the top 20 reasons which you could learn from. #20 – Failure to pivot when necessary. Not pivoting away or quickly enough from a...

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Spotify: Path to IPO

Spotify is a great way to share your love of music with people all over the world. It is launched on 7 October 2008, is available in 65 regions.Spotify went public in April this year, so how Spotify grew from a startup into a public company? Let's have a look on...

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100 most promising B2B retail tech companies in the world

A report of Retail Tech 100 winners was compiled by CB Insights includes private, active business-to-business (B2B) retail tech companies from 21 countries across 13 overarching categories. These companies were selected out of nearly 15,000 applicants and nominees based on metrics including patent activity, business relations, investor profiles, news sentiment analysis, proprietary...

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