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Change Life by Connecting Things

Change Life by Connecting Things

You may have seen this in the fiction movies, but connecting your physical and digital things together with the aim to take care of your self, your family, your home is coming to everyone’s life.

Stringify is a new app which has yet been fully released. However, you can try its beta version.
With Stringify you can create automated actions that your mobile device performs automatically. The app is compatible with a variety of smart gadgets and apps, it can build automations to connect gadgets and apps and third party service. It uses work flow controls to trigger an action when one or more conditions are met.

Here are a few starter flows you can employ already:
•    Turn on the lights when coming home in the evening. In this flow, you will define the time and the location and connect your mobile with your Hue Bulb lights at home.
•    Get a weather report, or get notified if there is rain tomorrow. In this flow, Stringify collects information from a weather service and sends you the updates.
•    Turn the lights on at sunset - connect to your LIFX lights
•    Get a news summary on Yahoo News – Stringify collects news from Yahoo and sends you an email in the morning.
•    Ask Alexa to fade lights & cool down the house
•    Post Fitbit goals to Facebook & Google Drive   
•    Set the lights a certain way when it’s bed time – connect with your smart lights

There are many other workflows you can use or build your own to suit your needs.