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Thinking of Getting in Early on Virtual Reality Design?

Thinking of Getting in Early on Virtual Reality Design?

Sydney-based education startup Academy Xi announced a few months ago that it raised US$1.7 million in a series A round. Academy Xi runs classes for businesses, startups and individuals who wants to develop knowledge in virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.

According to Australian Finance Review, PwC consultants attended the training and learn and apply 'user experience' concepts in a virtual reality context, including building a scene in the 'Unity' 3D game development platform. 

There is already a VR course offered by Deakin University - Graduate Diploma course of Virtual and Augmented Reality, the first university course of its kind. Their website suggested that the outcome for the students - "Graduates find employment as designers and developers of VR and AR experiences.  These include specialist roles such as VR experience designers, VR/AR programmers, augmented reality app designers, 3D designers, FX technical artists and gameplay engineers.  This course will also prepare graduates working in industry to integrate VR and AR into existing work practices, thus becoming innovation managers, VR evangelists, VR team leads, AR product managers and VR/AR innovators."

Academy Xi positions its course as a skills top-up for professionals already working in related areas. It just announced that it has partnered with the Department of Education to develop a Virtual Reality Product based on an educational journey for ages up until 18.

Cover image source: unsplash