Thoughts Into Text by A Brain Implant

Thoughts Into Text by A Brain Implant

A Brain Implant That Turns Your Thoughts Into Text? How it could be possible?

Tom Oxley is a brain-computer interface specialist and the founder and CEO of Synchron, a neural interface technology company. He is A/Professor and Laboratory Head of the Vascular Bionics Laboratory, University of Melbourne, Australia. He is the founding CEO of Synchron. Synchron is based in Silicon Valley, and is the leading implantable brain computer interface company and only one in the clinical stage. The technology includes the Stentrode, the brainPort and brainOS: a system that enables hands-free, brain-control of devices that restore communication, object grasping and mobility to patients with paralysis.

The technology is amazing and I can already imagine the use cases it can be applied to solve problems for folks with disabilities. Every new technology brings risks however if it is managed well we could see this technology being applied in mainstream.



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Saturday, 10 June 2023