E-mail when integrated with which of the following marketing tactics delivers the best ROI?

One of the greatest benefits of the rise of the internet was the ability to use email to communicate with people. Then email was used as marketing purpose due to a number of reasons: •    Reduced time & effort , it’s real-time•    Emails can be personalized , and it allows business...

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Principles of mobile app design: Delight users and drive conversions

Apps are now an important way to deliver content and services, and more so with mobile apps as global mobile internet access becomes more and more common, mobile data traffic continues to increase year on year. Ericsson predicts that the number of mobile internet subscriptions via smartphone, tablet or any other...

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Design at the intersection of technology and biology

Designer and architect Neri Oxman is leading the search for ways in which digital fabrication technologies can interact with the biological world. Working at the intersection of computational design, additive manufacturing, materials engineering and synthetic biology, her lab is pioneering a new age of symbiosis between microorganisms, our bodies, our products...

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Design with the blind in mind

What would a city designed for the blind be like? Chris Downey is an architect who went suddenly blind in 2008; he contrasts life in his beloved San Francisco before and after — and shows how the thoughtful designs that enhance his life now might actually make everyone's life better, sighted...

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