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Pocket is acquired by Mozilla

If you have used Pocket, the app, which saves articles for you to read later, you may be impressed by its simple idea however the great deal of impact it made to it users. Pocket has just been acquired by Mozilla as a wholly-owned, independent subsidiary of Mozilla.Pocket started out as...

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Trello is acquired by Atlassian

Last month I wrote about collaboration, and mentioned two tools Trello and Atlassian Confluence. Now Trello is being acquired by Atlassian. Trello was launched five years ago, since then, more than 19 million people have used Trello to solve many different challenges both personal and professional. Atlassian has its own excellent...

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The iPhone App of the Year

Prisma has been nominated by Apple as the app of the year in Australia. Prisma is a free photo app that uses technology to transform your photos and video into works of art. It claims to transform media using the styles of famous artists like van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, as well...

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Google maps now wheelchair friendly

Google has added a new feature to its Map service providing wheelchair accessible information for locations, however, currently only available to users in the United States according to Business Insider. The accessibility data was crowd-sourced from people who are regular Google Maps users that respond to questions such as cost, operating hours,...

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