Change Your Life by Connecting Services Using IFTTT

Change Your Life by Connecting Services Using IFTTT

I wrote about Stringify “change life by connecting things” a few months back, and I hoped you had tried one or two flows. Today I will introduce you to IFTTT.

IFTTT is a free platform that helps you do more with all your apps and devices. Applets are the automation service that integrates between Internet connected services to create new experiences. How much you can do with Applets will amaze you, here are some examples.

If you love photography, with IFTTT applets, you can
•    Share new Instagram posts to Flickr when you use a specific hashtag
•    Save your new Instagram photos to Google Photos

Aren’t they cool?

If you are waiting for some important emails, with IFTTT applets, you can
•    Get a mobile notification when a high priority email arrives in your inbox
•    Create a new task in Todoist when you receive a high priority email


Now I’m going to give you another two applets,
•    Cold tomorrow? Notify me!
•    Get a notification reminder to put on sunscreen when the UV index is high

There are many more applets, go on and check yourself here.

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