IoT Tech Expo Global – 23-24th January

IoT Tech Expo Global – 23-24th January

The 2nd annual Internet of Things (IoT) Tech Expo Event will take place London in January 2017. This expo will bring industries such as Manufacturing, Transport, Health, Logistics, Government, Energy, Insurance, Agriculture, Retail and Automotive together. It is set to showcase the most cutting edge technologies and provide insight from speakers sharing their unparalleled industry knowledge, case studies and experiences.

This year’s Expo will highlight the most innovative advancements in technologies which are affecting the entire IoT ecosystem across 7 dedicated conference tracks; Smart Cities, Connected Living, Developing for the IoT, Connected Industry, Connected Services, IoT Innovations & Technologies and Data & Security.

Some of the big names among the confirmed attendees are Nokia, IBM, Verizon, Vodafone, Airbus, Land Rover, Tesco, Daimler, MasterCard.

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