The smart hair brush that can tell how to improve your hair quality

The smart hair brush that can tell how to improve your hair quality

At this year’s CES, Withings demonstrated an intelligent hair brush which is the product resulted from the collaboration between Withings and L’Oréal. The hair brush is a collective of expertise on hair, sensors and app connectivity.

All you need to do is brushing your hair. The brush will analyse and provide insights about your hair

•    Dryness: Follow hair elasticity and learn how to avoid dry
•    Damage: Measure cuticle damage to help ensure moisture retention
•    Breakage: Control hair quality and resilience to avoid breakage
•    Tangling: Optimize sebum distribution and avoid tangles

It gives you the advice on

•    Insights of how to avoid damaging hair
•    How to improve brushing habits
•    How the use of the brush impact hair quality

The brush will sync the information with an app on your smartphone to allow you have a complete hair diagnosis without leaving home.

The brush is not yet released for consumers until autumn this year. Interested? You can get the updates by signup at Withings’s hair coach product page.

Source: Withings

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Monday, 04 December 2023