General Guidelines

Discussions, insights and experience are being exchanged every day on CreativJoy. To ensure the content be useful to our members and wider audience, CreativJoy has put in place Community Guidelines outlining the types of content that are acceptable, and what may be deemed inappropriate.

Be Nice

CreativJoy allows users to contribute different kinds of contents, including reviews, personal experience, images, videos, votes and more. It is common sense that we play fair and nice to our fellow members and wider audience who you may write a review, story or experience about.

CreativJoy shouldn't be used to harm others. Do not use CreativJoy services to threaten, harass, abuse, discriminate, or for hate speech and other displays of bigotry. Do not use CreativJoy's services to intentionally infect others with viruses or other software that can destroy or interrupt their data or computer devices. Do not interfere or disrupt CreativJoy's service.

Be Relevance

Please make sure your contributions are relevant and appropriate to the forum.


CreativJoy respects the intellectual property of others, and we ask our users to do the same. Please use your own materials and at some situations reference the sources to the extend that it does not infringe the copyright rights of others. 

Additional Guidelines

Reviews Guidelines

Your own personal experience is most valuable to the community. Make sure your review is factually correct.

Guidelines for Stories, Questions & Answers

For stories, we want to hear your own personal experience, knowledge and thoughts. Keep in mind your stories need to be useful for the audience.

Your questions and answers will be viewed by many people who will benefit from your response, so try to be as clear as possible in your questions and answers. The best are the questions and answers which are helpful, specific and clear.

You are welcome to link from the story or answers you posted to the associated apps in Reviews. You can also provide links to external web pages if this link is useful to the audience. If a linked web page is a mobile app, a desktop app, a web service or a server app, you should link to the app in the Reviews directory. Please post the app in the Reviews directory first if it does not exist, then add the link to your post.

Guidelines for Products, Jobs, Deals and Other Contents

We provide designated fields for you to input website links.  External web links in contents and locations other than the designated fields in Apps are not permitted.