Now you can get your MBA for free

Now you can get your MBA for free

Now you can get your MBA for free.

You are up to the challenge of studying a MBA to gain new skills and acquire new knowledge as it could benefit your career or your business. However, you have put this on-hold due to the high cost of MBA programs and the time commitment required to attend those courses?

It is not new that many universities offer distance learning programs. These programs will normally provide you an online campus where you have access to the study guides, online chat room to collaborate with your lectures and your fellow students. You can even complete the exams online. There is no need to physically attend classes anymore. You can also set your own pace of how many subjects to study in a semester.

The fee for each MBA program varies. Majority universities charge around $20,000 ~ $30,000 for online programs, the lowest fee I came across costs a little more than $10,000. Now how can we acquire the MBA knowledge for free?

The MBA Courses and how to gain the skills for free

Let’s have a look on the courses included in a MBA program. Different universities offer different sets of courses, most of the MBA programs include two sets of subjects, the core subjects and the elective subjects. Students must complete all core subjects and complete the number of elective subjects required by the university, i.e. complete 8 out of 12 units.

The following are the courses taken from an university. If you want to acquire MBA knowledge and learn how to manage a business, there are many websites offer similar courses for free.

Core Units

No Core Subjects Free Courses & Reviews
1 Strategic management

How to Launch a Successful Startup Company by MIT

Strategic Management from Saylor

2 Economic Decision Making Micro and Macro Economic courses  from Saylor
3 Marketing

Introduction to Marketing from Alison

Fundamentals of Marketing Your Business Online from Alison

Branding, Content & Social Media from The Ohio State University

4 Financial Management

Accounting and Its Use in Business Decisions from Alison

Corporate Finance by NYU

Corporate Finance for Healthcare Administrators by University of Michigan

Elective Units

No Elective Subjects Free Courses & Reviews
1 Managing people

Human Resource Management from Saylor

2 Management Perspectives

Principles of Management by by Nicholas Beutell, PhD

Fundamentals of Corporate Management from Alison

3 Leadership Leadership Skills in Business from Alison
4 Innovation management

Technology Entrepreneurship by Stanford University

How to Develop Breakthrough Products and Services from MIT
5 Advanced Project management

Fundamentals of Project Management from Alison

6 Operation management

Fundamentals of Operations Management from Alison

Global Supply Chain Management from NPTEL
7 International business strategy International Taxation I and II from University of Washington
8 Technology strategy Strategic Information Technology from Saylor
9 Risk Management Crisis Management by Missouri State University
10 Organisational best practice Organizational Behavior from NPTEL
11 Business Law

Business Law and Ethics from Saylor

(Note that business law maybe slightly different in different countries)
12 Management information systems

Management Information Systems from Saylor

If you like the convenience of having the courses from the same provider, follow the Saylor link in the app directory, the site offers full set of Business Administration Courses for free.

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