Why Edge Computing Is Important to Our Lives

Why Edge Computing Is Important to Our Lives

Anyone has a Alexa or Google Home would have experienced Internet of Things, the connected network with connected objects - for example, you tell Google Home to turn on the lights. As technology develops, Internet of Things (IoT) will be brought into our lives more and more. Let's use connected cars as an example. High-powered computer on wheels that collects data through sensors and this data will be processed by computers and they response back to the car for the actions to be taken. Without a doubt, those instructions to the car by the computers have to be super fast so that the car can travel safely and avoid accidents. So what's the answer to achieving the super fast data processing? Edge Computing.

What is Edge Computing? Check out the video below.

Video Source: Youtube, NTT SCL; Image Source: pixabay

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Friday, 21 June 2024