Hackers are not invisible - we just need to look deeper and wider

Hackers are not invisible. Even the stealthiest and best camouflaged adversary leaves traces of their presence. The challenges for security teams are having skilled people that are equipped with the right tools they need to look in every corner of the business. Just as your home can be protected by alarms,...

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What's wrong with your pa$$w0rd?

A good Ted talk to reveal the common mistakes that people made when they chose a password. Do you use a password like "123456", "password", "newpassword", "iforgot", "nothing", "iloveyou"? Then please watch the Ted talk. Video Source: Ted, YouTube.

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Amazon just accidentally sent 1,700 Alexa recordings to the wrong person

Do you tell secrets while your home smart speaker is listening? Think twice, because Amazon just accidentally sent 1,700 Alexa recordings to the wrong person. According to Business Insider, the audio files revealed a lot of information about the record owner, including where he lived, first and last names, who his...

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Why You Need These Apps to Protect Your Personal Data Online

If you often hop on the wifi hotspots in a café, you need to be aware that hotspots such as Starbucks hotspot or hotel wifi are not safe for confidential email and browsing.  Your online traffic is broadcast for a hacker to eavesdrop.  However, there is no need to be panic,...

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Your account may be hacked

Yahoo has identified data security issues concerning 500 million Yahoo user accounts. The stolen database includes names, telephone numbers, dates of birth, email addresses and both encrypted and unencrypted passwords with security questions and answers. Signs your account has been hacked: ·        You’re not receiving any emails.·        Your Yahoo mail is...

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