The next disruptive technologies

The next disruptive technologies

KPMG conducted a global survey for Technology and Innovation in 2016. They surveyed C-level of leaders in start-ups, mid-markets, large enterprise and venture capital companies, and try to identify the up-coming disruptive technologies and emerging technology hubs.

Total 832 responses were received, the top 3 technologies identified which have biggest impact in the next 3 years:


Top 3


Technologies selected to enable consumer technology

Internet of Things (loT)




On-demand marketplace platforms


Industries which will be most impacted by emerging technology





Healthcare/life science


Technologies which have greatest impact in driving business transformation

Internet of Things






What do the results mean? For the loT, it basically means that you would likely see consumer products like electronics are sensed and controlled remotely across the network in the next 3 years. The Automobile/transportation is listed at the second place of the industries which will be most impacted by emerging technology. This is already happening. Tesla is aiming to have its driverless technology ready by 2018. Uber, Google and BMW are some other giants working on the technology. In near future, taking a nap while the car takes you to the destination is no longer a fantasy in a Hollywood movie.

Other interesting results are the Robotics and AI/Congnitive. Robotics is the technology to control, sense and process information, while AI/Congnitive focuses the study of human mind and its process. These technologies are used to develop machines that can take over human effort in areas of simple and repetitive tasks.

What does this mean for us? Businesses need to keep innovating in this ever changing environment to retain and gain market share. For people, our jobs may be taken over by the robots more quickly than you think. For consumers, you may have more time and better health to enjoy your hobbies while the technologies do the heavy lifting.

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