What's The Secret Behind a Good Newsletter?

Statista conducted a consumer survey on e-Commerce and Retail to find out the secret behind a good newsletter. The key findings would be useful if you are running a business and sending newsletters to your users. Older onliners see newsletters more critical and have higher expectations of the contentOnly 13 percent...

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Which Search Engine Dominates Search Market on Mobile Devices

Google has been dominating the search engine market on web for some time. Now as consumer behaviour has gradually shifted from using computers to using mobiles, tablets, how these major search engines, Bing, Baidu and Yahoo, are doing comparing to google? The data provided by shows, google dominates the search...

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Why customers delete your app

Customers who download your apps normally have a higher lifetime value, so many companies market hard to try to get customers to download their apps, however only to find out that customers are deleting their app after a short period of use. Why? A research by marketingsherpa shows that the reasons...

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Shoppers' Social Media Platform of Choice

Social networks are now well established, some popular ones such as facebook, whatsapp, instagram are used by people daily or multiple times a day. People use social media sites for various purpose like connecting with friends or finding something new on the internet. So which of those social networks is the...

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