The Pandemic impact to Airbnb

Airbnb's IPO has now completed. Shares were originally priced from US$45-US$50 per share it went up to US$55-US$60 the day before listing. By the time of the listing, the final price was US$68. Airbnb is a holiday rental marketplace. Users can book homestys and tourism experiences or become a host by...

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Ant Financial now ranks among the world's most valuable financial services firms

Ant Financial was initially launched to support online payments. Today, it’s ecosystem covers financial services, from wealth management and insurance to lending and credit scores. Ant counts nearly 600M Alipay users, plus 110M+ Alipay partners across 15 countries — is much bigger than payments alone. 100M+ users use all 5 of Ant’s key functions, meaning...

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What Do You Learn from the WannaCry Ransom Attack?

More than 200,000 computers across 150 countries have been affected by a large-scale cyberattack in the last few days. The ransomware WannaCry encrypts information on computers and asks users to pay $300 in exchange for decryption. According to Microsoft, starting first in the United Kingdom and Spain, the malicious software quickly...

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The agile scrum framework

Scrum is an Agile framework for delivery projects. Scrum has been extensively employed by software development projects, but it also works well for any other complex work. The Scrum framework is simple and easy to understand, you can learning it in 10 mins by watch the following video by an agile...

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Programmatic World Forum Jan 25th, 2018, San Francisco

Programmatic World Forum  brings those at the forefront of programmatic advertising together, providing an outlet for thought sharing, leading to change and growth. Each speaker shares insight from case study examples, ensuring attendees walk away with actionable tactics and strategies that can be implemented straight away. Programmatic World Forum focuses on...

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