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10 Neurotech Startups on Brain Technologies

10 Neurotech Startups on Brain Technologies

What is hot topic today in technology? Human has achieved many in the past, we landed on the moon, created the Internet, and cured many of the most pressing diseases that plagued us. The digital health sector also matures from basic tracking apps and moves into highly regulated medical devices, an increasing number of startups are targeting the brain. Below are 10 startups to watch.

1. Kernel

Kernel is building a non-invasive mind/body/machine interface (MBMI) to improve, evolve and extend human cognition.

2. Dreem

Data-driven, human-centered. Less time falling asleep, less waking up in the night, more time sleeping.

3. Halo Neuroscience

Halo Neuroscience uses electrical stimulation to increase plasticity in the brain prior to an activity, i.e. physical training, this results in increased strength, endurance, and muscle memory. Halo claims that their product Halo Sport can enhance the performance of the sprint cycling by 17%.

4. Neurable

Neurable is developing neurotechnology tools that interpret human intent, measure emotion, and allow people to control software and devices using only their brain activity.

5. Neuralink

Check Elon Musk's speech on Neuralink.

6. Cognixion

Cognixion aims to develop AI (artificial intelligence) powered products that assist people with communication difficulties.

7. Paradromics

Another startup, Paradromics, also focus on neurological brain-machine interfaces, develops neuroprostheses to help patients with disabilities, such as blindness, to better navigate and interact with the environment they are in.

8. Neuros Medical

Neuros Medical's Electrical Nerve Block technology aims to help patients relieving the pain. The technology is designed to interfere with high-frequency signals transmitted between the brain and the nervous system to reduce the severity of pain associated with medical conditions.


NextMind's intent is similar as Neurable, it develops brain-machine interface technology that allows users to send commands to external devices.

10. NeuroScouting

NeuroScouting is a technology company specialised in sport. Their approach is to use artificial intelligence to analyze an athlete’s performance and try to predict their potential.

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Thync is engineering a lifestyle wearable device that uses neurosignaling algorithms– waveforms that signal neural pathways –to shift and optimize people's state of mind in areas related to energy, calm, and focus. Its technology platform comprises neurosignaling algorithms, hardware, software and biomaterials.

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