Adapt and Catch Up the Digital World

Adapt and Catch Up the Digital World

Today, you can buy shoes online at 2 o’clock in the morning from bed, you can join online discussion groups to see people’s opinions and reviews, and chat with family members with low cost, you probably worked from home some time in the last a few months. The pace of people’s lives has changed. The digital world is fast moving, what happens in a minute of the popular digital apps and service in 2021;

  • 28,000 subscribers watching Netflix
  • 695,000 stories shared on Instagram
  • 9,132 connections made on LinkedIn
  • 69 mil messages sent via Whatsapp and Messenger
  • 5000 downloads on Tiktok
  • And more

Digital world is expanding every day. How quickly you can adapt and catch up?

Cover & Data Source: statista