Why customers delete your app

Why customers delete your app

Customers who download your apps normally have a higher lifetime value, so many companies market hard to try to get customers to download their apps, however only to find out that customers are deleting their app after a short period of use. Why?

A research by marketingsherpa shows that the reasons that contribute to the decision to delete your app are

  • the usefulness of the app
  • the space the app taken
  • data usage
  • ads in the app
  • the robustness of the app, i.e. bugs, crashes
  • uniqueness of the contents and promotion
  • too many sales messages
  • privacy
  • all about the company not the customer/user
  • relevance

The message is clear in this research, it is to build the app for your customers not just for your company's marketing objectives. Considering your customer needs and their worries are the first step in offering a product. Collecting customer data and investing to personalise the offering to your customer is an effective approach as this will reduce the irrelevant ads and promotions served to your customer. The robustness of an app is a given.

You can find the marketingsherpa's report here.

Cover image source: unsplash, Matam Jaswanth; Graphic chart source: marketingsherpa

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