Stability AI tries to stay ahead of the pack with a new image-generating AI model

Stability AI’s newest model for image generation is Stable Cascade promises to be faster and more powerful than its industry-leading predecessor, Stable Diffusion, which is the basis of many other text-to-image generation AI tools. Stable Cascade can generate photos and give variations of the exact image it created, or try to...

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Nvidia is now worth more than Amazon and Alphabet

Nvidia surpassed Alphabet in market capitalization on Wednesday, only a day after it overtook Amazon. Bloomberg is reporting that the chip maker’s stock is now worth $1.83 trillion, beating the Google owner’s $1.82 market cap by a hair. This makes Nvidia the world’s fourth most valuable company in the wake of...

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Google is training robots the way it trains AI chatbots

Google wants to make its robots smarter with the release of the AI learning model Robotic Transformer (RT-2). RT-2 is the new version of what the company calls its vision-language-action (VLA) model. The model teaches robots to better recognize visual and language patterns to interpret instructions and infer what objects work...

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X officially rolls out its ads revenue sharing program for creators

Twitter, which Elon Musk is currently rebranding to X, is officially rolling out its ads revenue sharing program for creators. The company had given some creators payouts earlier this month, but now, users globally who meet the eligibility criteria can apply for the program from the monetization tab in settings. To...

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Meta’s Horizon Worlds mobile app might actually be launching soon

Meta’s long-in-the-works mobile version of Horizon Worlds, its VR metaverse social platform, may finally launch soon, according to Friday’s Lowpass newsletter from Janko Roettgers. We’ve been aware of Meta working on a mobile version of Horizon Worlds, the company’s metaverse social platform that is currently only available on its Quest VR...

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Microsoft is testing file recommendations in Explorer

Microsoft is starting to test a system called File Recommendations in File Explorer, which does exactly what the name suggests — when you visit the home tab, it shows specific files that you may want to open at the top. The feature is still in the very early stages, but it...

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Spotify is going big on video podcasts

After spending more than $1 billion on podcast assets, challenging investor skepticism, laying off dozens of podcasting employees, and parting ways with its main podcasting chief, Spotify is establishing its focus for the vertical moving forward: more video, more consolidation, and more splashy names. At the company’s Stream On event in...

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