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Humane Startup Unveils a $699 Wearable AI Pin


Humane, a startup founded by former Apple designers Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, has introduced its first product, the Humane AI Pin, priced at $699. This pin is designed to replace smartphones and offers features such as making calls, sending texts, and accessing information through voice commands. It also includes a laser display on the palm for showing the time, date, and nearby information. Unlike many voice-activated devices, the AI Pin doesn't constantly listen or record; it activates only when engaged through voice, touch, gesture, or the laser display.

The device has a built-in speaker and camera, with flashing lights indicating their activation. Users can take photos and videos with a double-tap, and these media can be viewed on Humane's web app. The AI Pin can access various AI services from the internet, including Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI. Users can interact with it by asking questions or requesting music, which requires a Tidal subscription. The device's assistant can also provide summaries of the user's daily calendar, received messages, and health-related information. Orders for the AI Pin are set to begin on November 16.

Check out this video:


Source: CNET.




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Saturday, 20 July 2024