Love reading and sharing online? This app will ‘save’ your life.

Love reading and sharing online? This app will ‘save’ your life.

If you love reading on the internet, you may have the same process as I used to have – head to a search engine like google, input the interested topic keywords and hit ‘search’. Then scan through the links and click those ones of interest. Chances are, a link you open may not be what you expected, you then close the window and continue with the next link. For those articles of interest, if you don’t have time to finish reading, you would open a note editor, copy and save the links for later.

I went through this process day in and day out. As I enjoyed reading, I didn’t even think about if there was a way to find and save those contents more easily. One day, I read an article about Pocket, since then, I’ve set up the app on my laptop and mobile phone, life is not quite the same anymore.

Find interested articles more easily

  • Open up Pocket, check out the ‘recommended’ and start reading (already). You may save some articles for later reading. Pocket will recommend articles according to those ones you saved, so the more you save, the better chance the recommended articles will meet your interests.
  • If you have finished those recommended articles, you can head to the ‘explore’ section, type in the topic keywords to search articles.
  • Click on ‘best of xxxx (year)’ at the top navigator, you will find out most popular articles by topic, top stories, videos and top publishers.
  • If you have saved some articles in the above steps, those articles will display at your Pocket home. Articles displayed in Pocket have a nicer look then search engine links.

Save web page with one click

Pocket integrates with browsers such as firefox and Chrome, all you need to do to save the web article you are reading is a click of button on the browser toolbar.

To install the Pocket button to your browser, go to your browser links below, click ‘Download’.

Organise articles by tags

You can add tags to articles to make them easier to find later.

Share Automatically

Pocket can be used with IFTTT to share articles automatically. To name a few things you can do
•    Automatically save links to your new Pocket favourites in Evernote
•    Automatically tweet new favourites in Pocket
•    Save Pocket articles to OneNote
•    Post your Pocket favourites to Facebook
•    Tagged article in Pocket, send to Kindle

There are a lot more other features, you can check out them at the link below.

Now I explore articles once a week and save enough articles for a week’s read. Sharing is now automatic. If you are a heavy user of searching articles to share on social network, or searching knowledge to learn and save, Pocket will save you 2 to 5 hours per week, now this is a big deal.

Checkout the app review: Pocket, IFTTT.

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Thursday, 28 September 2023