Do you really save on Airbnb than booking a hotel room?

Do you really save on Airbnb than booking a hotel room?

Airbnb tries to provide you "Unique homes and experiences all over the world". People from all over the world list their their properties on the platform. Each listing allows hosts to promote properties through titles, descriptions, photos with captions. A profile about your host is included as well as previous guests reviews. Travelers can search for and book accommodations.

According to DMR Business Statistics, there are about 150 millions users using Airbnb, 640,000 hosts, 4 million listings and Airbnb is active in 65,000 cities.
You may have used Airbnb services in the past, however are you sure you got a good deal - comparing the cost of an airbnb room with a hotel room. Here is the stats from statista, you get the best savings when you use Airbnb to book Tokyo and new york accommodations.
Cover image: unsplash ; bar chart: statista
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